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If you came to this page because you are looking for bongbong's pasalubong to bring home to your love ones, you are in the right place! We provide stress-free & convenient online shopping,  fast delivery and money back guarantee.

However, if you are looking for something else, chat with us and let us know what you need so we can better assist you.


How to Order Bongbong's Piaya

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BongBong's Pasalubong Pack B FREE SHIPPING

An ultimate selection of Bongbong's best-selling delicacies. *** FREE SHIPPING ***

BongBong's Piaya Flat x10 Plain 380g

Piaya Flat Plain 10pcs /pack
Php90.00 Php87.00

BongBong's Piaya Flat x10 Ube 380g

Piaya Flat Ube 10pcs /pack
Php99.00 Php96.00

BongBong's Piaya Flat x5 Plain 190g

Piaya Flat Plain 5pcs /pack

BongBong's Piaya Flat x5 Ube 190g

Piaya Flat Ube 5pcs /pack

BongBong's Toasted Muffin 20pcs 100g

Toasted Muffin 20pcs 100g

BongBong's Toasted Muffins 50pcs 250g

Toasted Muffins 50pcs 250g

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